A question on life


Mrs. Nidhi : Life is an asset,Sometimes i ponder when i go to bed.It is a miracle,

As it is believed and commonly said.

Life is a river,It flows and flows,

It is a wind,with fragrance it blows.

Life is chaste and precious,

As saint says,

But now it is intricate,

Unknowingly,in what ways.

Enemity,death ,destruction,diseased folks,destitution

has become the way of life.Above all ailments have put a question mark on life.

Folks are living with 

Big question mark,

Uncertainity and fear of 

Death is quite clear and stark.

What shall happen in future is the question on life 

Apprehensions of life and fears have led to a strife.

When shall this struggle end,

All seems Dark ,

But hope never dies.

Better days shall come as the time flies.


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