Importance of grand parents


Mrs. Nidhi : It is truly believed that grandparents are like trees which give shelter to the human race.It is aptly true that we draw care,affection and love from our grandparents.

They are assets to our world which is crying in agony due to isolation ,diseases and pain.

The society in the world is undergoing a change.The system of joint family is disappearing.A new wave of nuclear family has begun and nobody is there to look after older generation.Senior citizens and their importance has totally vanished.

Children like staying independently and forgotten all the values which the indian culture imbibes.loss of conversation between parents,grandparents and children is evident which has new name generation gap.Grandparents have to live a secluded life or they have to seek shelter in old age homes.Children forget that their parents lived a harsh life facing hardships and now its our moral duty to share a good laugh,walk together and play indoor games.The stress free environment should be created at home to improve quality of life and longevity.Its our duty and duty of nation to take care of our elder people and love them like plants which grow and feed them.


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