Money as a source of power and enemity



Mrs. Nidhi : Its good to have money and the things that money can buy, but its too good ,too to check once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost 

the things that money can’t buy – george lorimer

Money is a powerful tool and a weapon to mobilize, channelize and revolutionize the society. It was in the history that man adopted the barter system to exchange goods and articles. But its role was limited. So far for more progress in life man adopts money to serve his purpose.

The modern system of politics, economy is such that, we need many things everyday. For that we need money. We need it everyday and at every moment. We can buy every luxury and comfort with money. One can buy respect and honour too with money. The goverment also needs money for everywork.

Money becomes the symbol of power at every stage.

But money is a tool of promoting enemity. Money cannot 

buy lost values like love, tolerance, happiness, fraternity, integrity and much more.

As man is not contended and his intentions are evil, money becomes the root of every sin. The misuse of money is contiguous. As those have money force or pressurize other men to do wrong things. Today for money man has instilled enemity in humanity. We also see wasting of money in

marriages and functions

which is disappointing.

If people dont misuse the money and help the poor then any country can prosper and can become a heaven to live.

An article by Mrs. Nidhi


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