Teachers : The Unsung Heroes of Pandemic



Nidhi Seth Bhalla: It is rightly said by Henry brooks adam, ‘Teachers affect eternity.’ The implications has a wider meaning. As their role is infinite and precious, their impact on children is unfathomable.

While we witness the fortitude of doctors,medical staff and administrative services, the teachers are the unsung heroes of the Pandemic. 

The pandemic came unexpectedly and no one was prepared for it. Teachers are in the modern world are demeaned,and even ill treated by the parents. In the current corona age, many parents have even refused to pay the fees. Despite many constraints the teachers, have to act like performers using whatsapp, email or other channels.

On the other hand, the children seem to be careless. They sleep or play games during the classes which is leading to wastage of time. I wonder why the nation, children and community don’t give respect to teachers. They are hidden warriors of the country. They  need due respect as it missing and indiscernible.

An article by Mrs. Nidhi


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